Grand Pier, Somerset, England circa 1974

Grand Pier, Somerset, England circa 1974

Below are pictures of the Grand Pier Covered Amusement Park, which was destroyed by a fire in 2008 and then rebuilt.  

These images were scanned with a device that digitizes slides and negatives, recently purchased to maximize the quality of our family memories and to best preserve their legacies with the highest resolution possible. 

Daniel David Stief (1950-2011) took these when he was stationed in Europe with the United States Navy.  Knowing Uncle Danny and how prolific he was about posting online, he would have liked that he helped preserve a piece of history.  

I don’t know what prompted the parade or why he was there, but I love that it’s a time capsule of sorts and the current pier looks so different now, as you can see in the link above.

Having never been to this part of the UK myself, I did my best based on the signage to make sure these are facing the right direction.